Ayodhya Ram & Rama Rajya

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Happy Rama Navami Greetings to all. Let us pray Lord Rama to remove the COVID demon and bring happiness to the whole world!

Today is Rama Navami and the whole India is celebrating his birth day today. Rama was born in Ayodhya and considered to be a great king under whose rule people were happy. Rama is considered to be the incarnation of Lord Vishnu born in this world to live amongst us as one of the ordinary human being at the same giving us a lead example on how to lead individual and public life.

His rule in Ayodhya several hundred years is considered even today as the lead example and we talk about Rama Rajya.

So what is Rama Rajya? Swatantra is trying to figure out what will make Rama Rajya in today’s scenario

  1. Economy: Our Economic policies should make sure that the difference of income between the lower most and upper most should be minimal. Even Gandhi ji and Rajaji like leaders too have opined the same. The basic necessities like primary education, health care, home, food to be available to all citizens. We need large number of small entrepreneur rather than small number of large corporates.
  2. Health care: We need to re-introduce the family doctor concept and health data base and ensure periodic health screening. The cost of health care should be affordable.
  3. Food: Nutritious Organic food to be available to all citizens. Farming and Farmers to be encouraged and farmers to get proper compensation NOT through subsidy or freebies but through incentive.
  4. Education: Basic education to be available to all citizens and the choice of higher studies to be left to the individual according to his talent & interest.
  5. Living space to be provided to all citizens.
  6. Taxation: To charge minimum number of taxes. In today’s scenario we have scope to remove / reduce many taxes that includes abolition of property tax, abolition of many local level taxes, reduction of many indirect taxes, reduction in income tax, etc., For this to happen, the expenditure of the Government to be reduced. That is where the concept of Minimum Government, Maximum Governance is coming. Government need not engage in business activities. The role of Government may be restricted to only Army, part of Telecommunication, Taxation and Governance. That way thee Government expenditure will come down. Transportation kind of activities to be handed over to private players
  7. Governance: Clean and Good Governance with proper punishment to be established
  8. Judiciary: Minimum appeals in the civil cases- particularly where the Government is involved in petty disputes will reduce number of pending cases. The judicial system to be cleansed.
  9. Electoral system: The Electoral system need to be changed and many rules need to be modified.
  10. The Socialist model has only resulted in inefficiency and corruption which the world has witnessed during the last 7 decades. India too has witnessed the same and even now the situation has not changed.
  11. On the other hand the so called globalisation after 1991 in India has resulted NOT in economic prosperity but only increased the entire limit above, in the sense increased the income and also increased the cost of living thus increasing the expenses. This cannot e called growth.
  12. So to achieve Rama Rajya we need a market regulated economy. The market regulation can not be imposed by the Government but at the same time to make sure cartel formation by any group to artificially increase the prices.
  13. The Government’s duty is to make sure the individual freedom to choose any business of his choice, within the legal limits, and also to provide easy exit policy in case of a failure without affecting both the businessman and the employees.
  14. The privatisation should not lead to more cartelling.
  15. A beginning should be made for this and if a beginning is made, then we are moving towards Rama Rajya. This in itself cannot bring Rama Rajya but we can only start moving. The ultimate Rama Rajya can be attained only when the whole population is peaceful, stress free and happy.
  16. To reduce the expenses of the Government, it is also important to reduce the number of states and make use of governance pyramid properly. By giving more responsibility with proper powers to the ward level council members, many of the issues can be sorted out.

As for as value system, morality and other factors, these are given by the God and none of us can change this. But certainly we can keep them on check through proper public policy.

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