How the Cabinet Expansion will & should help the Country

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Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi is planning to expand his Cabinet soon as per the indications available. May be prospective ministerial candidates are in Delhi. The PM has already completed the internal discussions with the other senior ministers and BJP president.

Now in what way the cabinet expansion will and should help the Country?

Right now some of the key people are handling more than one or two ministries thus having pressure in concentrating on important areas. By taking the extra load and giving them to newcomers, certainly the key ministers can perform more.

And with new addition, we are sure, some of them are sure performers, for example Scindia. Though some of the minister may have to be inducted based on political & electoral calculation – which is not a sin – inclusion of performers can certainly help.

We are not aware the kind of evaluation mechanism the PM is having currently.

Now with this expansion we suggest that the PM should ask each of the Ministers to identify 20:`10:10 action plan, meaning 20 short term plans and 10 each of medium to long term goals and submit an action plan. This should be the basis for evaluating the performance. In addition Niti Aayog should be allowed to play a greater role in terms of identifying key areas & goals for various ministries. If such a blue print can be made ready, certainly the Country will be benefited.

And the PM should personally set a target on key parameters – for example Inflation & Price rise, Petroleum product & Alternatives, Rivers interlinking, Aatmanirbhar, Make in India, etc., Once the target is set together with the individual ministries goals, the progress can be faster. The bureaucracy can work based on this blueprint. This way both plan & accountability will be there.

May be the PM can consider having one MoS in his office exclusively to oversee the action plan and implementation progress.

Indian manufacturing need to go a long way. Indian MSMEs need more support as well as conducive atmosphere to take on China.

PMO to setup a special task force to identify products & areas where India need more concentration.

PMO also need one MoS exclusively to coordinate with the States so that the States and the State Government ruled by parties like DMK, Shiv Sena, Akali Dal, TMC, etc., are kept in the communication channel. This will help the PM both politically as well as strategically.

Many retired bureaucrats having nationalist thinking and supporting the development agenda are sulking just because they are not having a platform to share their suggestions. Similarly there are many think tanks and intellectual forums ready to serve the Country in the manner the Central Government wants them to be involved. It is high time the PM may consider including some of the organisations and individuals in the development process.

All these needs to be done along with the upcoming cabinet expansion.

Taking stock of the political situation, right now there is no leader who can take on Narendra Modi at the national level. If at all all these developments can be done, it can be done only by Narendra Modi.

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