Pegasus spying case – why the media should be fined

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Today the Supreme Court has said that the Pegasus spying case is being reported in the media but none have given any proof. In this context we strongly believe that in case if the media and companies / individuals filed case, could not provide any proof, they must be charged with heavy penalty. After all they are wasting taxpayers’ money and the precious time of the Court.

All of a sudden media companies and people like Rahul Gandhi and Prashanth Kishore started saying their mobile phones are being tapped. Prashanth Kishore went a step further and said he has changed his phone five times still could not stop the spying. He even says he can provide the dates of spying. Next moment he says he was not aware of spying. The truth is spying software like Pegasus would be very difficult to find. If everyone can find that so easily and a date wise spying report can be made, that would not be spying software but a loudspeaker.

Then why all of a sudden media and certain opposition leasers {!!!!) are jumping from earth to sky? It is very simple. They are unable to find any other issue against Narendra Modi and hence they are fabricating something. That is the reason this issue is being reported only in the media and no proof can be made out this.

As the Supreme Court rightly said, none of the so called affected parties have filed a criminal case. They can’t because they do not have any proof. In other words the mobile phone tapping was not done at all. They have only one agenda – that is to blame Narendra Modi for anything and everything.

We too believe there is no reason to believe the spying episode. The Government has the right to spy in case of any suspicion with regard to terrorism, financial fraud, criminal cases, etc., Every Government in the past have done that and there is nothing wrong in it. Sometimes, even at the State level, spying on the oppositions leaders and key people including media took place. This is quite common across the World.

Now people like Rahul Gandhi and Prashanth Kishore are jumping earth to sky and blaming the Central Government. The media reports says these people are aware of the dates and other details. Hence they have the duty to provide these evidence to the Supreme Court. That is what exactly the Supreme Court is asking for.

But the fact is the entire game is political. So where will they go for evidence? They can’t even give one. So they will try to put the blame on the Narendra Modi government and try to drag the issue as long as possible. If they get any political advantage, that is good. Otherwise nothing to lose. This is the calculation.

But if these people can’t provide evidence and drag the issue unnecessarily, the Supreme Court must penalise them with huge penalty.

If media reports can be believed, then everybody can blame anybody. Today many of the media companies are not interested in reporting the truth. With high competition they want to retain / regain the TRP rating and increase their circulation / viewership.

The entire Pegasus episode is nothing but commercial project for media and political tool for politicians. For Modi haters it is a temporary feast. That is it.

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