Inspirational Prime Minister – one and only Shri. Narendra Modi

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In spite of talents, India never repeatedly failed in Olympics in the past. India never crossed double digits in any any of the Olympic games during the last one hundred years. Don’t we have talents? Yes, we have. Then what is the issue. There are three important issues.

Before going into this, we certainly have to appreciate one leader who is taking time off from his very busy schedule to personally motivate the Olympic participants, talking to them before the event, encouraging them and then again talking to them after the event, congratulating, motivating, consoling the Indian participants.

That man, already his calendar is full of National & International issues. Now COVID is taking much of his time. Economy on the one side, International issues on the other side, regular activities, political issues, etc., etc.,

More than all these he has to tackle the negative elements in media and opposition political parties who are trying to insult, criticise and spread lies about this man and his Government.

He is none other than Shri. Narendra Modi the Honorable Prime Minister of our Country.

We are sure that his motivation has already brought medals to India during this Tokyo Olympics 2020. We are proud that we have a Prime Minister who is taking time off from his busy schedule and talking to each and every player. Today we are lucky to see a video where the PM was conversing with the Hockey team. We could see how the players are responding. They are very happy that the PM himself is talking to them and motivating them. We are sure this motivation from the PM will bring results in the coming years.

To support the Honorable PM in his mission of bringing more medals – particularly Gold, we have certain suggestions

Sportsmen need to engage themselves in continuous training in different terrains, both home Country and Abroad and take part in as many games as possible so that they can compete with the other potential players across the World. For this sportsmen and women needs to be assured of minimum income. Though many corporates and PSUs are supporting sportsmen & women, this is absolutely not sufficient.

The important three elements that needs to be looked in to are

  1. Income support for the sportsmen & women
  2. Training facilities and infrastructure here in India
  3. Opportunities & Support to take part in training as well as events across the World

To achieve this we have following suggestions

  1. Allow Corporates to take over individuals & teams with a Olympic Medal as the Mission. If the individuals / teams of those Corporates wins a medal, allow them special Income tax rebate or other concessions. The Corporates are responsible for creating the Instructure facilities in home as well as provide home and abroad training for the team and also bear the expenses for participation in the international events.
  2. Create infrastructure in India with international standards and take the help of sports clubs and associations. Corporate companies also can chip in with their support here
  3. Organise several events in India itself and make international players to participate.
  4. Right from the School level, identify potential talents and encourage them with the help of sports associations and corporate companies.
  5. Every State must have international standard stadium to support Athletics, Volleyball, Hockey, Basketball, Badminton, etc.,
  6. Make it compulsory that every Autonomous University and other Universities must have at least one international standard infrastructure facility for one sports.
  7. Allow special tax concession and or NIL tax for advertisement and sponsorship support for sports events organsied by any sports club or association – subject to the condition that it should be of International Standard.
  8. The Government may also allocate lands (and own the land too) and request the Sports clubs and Associations to build infrastructure. This can be used by them for the events being organised by them.

With a Prime Minister who is keen on making India strong & vibrant, we are sure the future is ours.

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  1. Good article, we can follow the talent grooming model adopted by BCCI. Today India has more than one national team.IPL and state level event like TNPL provided opportunity to manybtakents and they play side by side international top talents.

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