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Uttar Pradesh, the largest state of the Country, along with Punjab, Goa, Manipur and Uttarakhand just completed the election and the results are out today.

BJP, as expected, retained power in Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Manipur & Goa. In Punjab where the BJP has not done well too is expected. The rise of AAP in Punjab and capturing power with a solid majority is a good news for BJP – not now but for 2024. The victory of BJP in the largest state of UP is certainly a good news for BJP and they are expected to repeat or even excel their 2019 performance during the 2024 General Election. With not significant loss for BJP, in other States too they are expected to do well in the 2024 election.

The rise of Kejriwal will definitely make him aspire for the top position of the Country to contest as one of the many opposition PM candidates in 2024. This will make the opposition weak and this should help the BJP.

With Narendra Modi’s popularity as well as Administrative capability, once again evident from the Ukraine evacuation of Indian citizens, reaching out to the hearts of Indian voters, BJP is expected to do well in States where they have not done well previously. Tamil Nadu’s local body election is one such example, where the TN BJP has done well under Annamalai.

More important factor is none of the BJP heavyweights have lost in the just concluded assembly elections. Whereas the Congress heavyweights have lost.

With no loss in the just concluded assembly elections, BJP is in a comfortable position to win the 2024 Elections too with some more seats coming from Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Hyderabad, etc., Even if there is a loss in the BJP stronghold States like UP, this will compensate the same.

However we see no such loss will happen to BJP and they will surely workout the right strategy for a massive win in the 2024 election.

BJP under Narendra Modi & Amit Shah is always serious when it comes to elections. This attitude will help BJP in 2024.

The Kejriwal model will help BJP consolidate their votes and divide the opposition votes. With Congress almost decimated, having their seats reduced in all States except Uttarakhand, opposition parties will never accept the leadership of Congress if at all there is a possibility of united opposition front during 2024. With Kejriwal, Mamta Banerjee and Chandrasekara Rao aiming for a bigger national role, the 2024 election will be another mile stone for BJP.

With two more years for the 2024 Elections, the priority of BJP must be to make a come back in the Economic front. Lots of policy level changes are required to support MSMEs and to implement AatmaNirbhar. It is high time BJP to implement Minimum Government & Maximum Governance by announcing a FREEZE on Government jobs and start privatising many of the activities. The Government to control only security & taxation and many of the other activities need to be privatised, including Railways. However, the privatisation policies should not affect the common man by way of price increase and or tariff increase. It is possible through right policies. If only this can happen, BJP can win the hearts of common man and very easily retain the power.

Also the Central Government to concentrate on development of Micro & Small Industries, Infrastructure (of course they are doing a wonderful job but it must happen in every state and in every area), and facilitate moving towards Green Energy.

The UP, Uttarakhand, Goa & Manipur together with Punjab have voted in favour of BJP – it is a clear precursor for 2024 Election win.

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