Gandhi ji, Freedom Struggle & Current Generation

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October 2, the usual Gandhi Jayanthi day is just a few days ahead and is a compulsory holiday. It is strange that we celebrate his birth day with a holiday watching movies and serials in TV, forgetting the messages of bapu. Instead of a holiday, we should take our children to Gandhi memorial so that they can understand the freedom struggle and sacrifices made by millions of ordinary to elite citizens of India.

For this to happen, the Gandhi Memorials across the Country to be renovated and at least photographs and details of freedom fighters and the struggle to be displayed there.

In Chennai there is a Gandhi memorial in Adyar right next tot he Raj Bhavan but only the building is there. There is no photographs, no history displayed, no video shows, nothing. The place is being used by the so called lovers and passers by for reasons other than knowing about the freedom struggle.

It is high time the Government can consider giving the memorials to corporates / NGOs for maintenance and ask them to put up relevant details. With the technological advancement it is possible to install a continuous running video show or animated show highlighting the freedom struggle.

Unless our younger generations are aware of the freedom struggle, the purpose and the sacrifice by millions, the value of independence will not be known. Freedom is certainly not un-limited like our mobile calls, it comes with some responsibility. Unlimited freedom is dangerous which is what we are witnessing sometimes today.

Our next next generations should know the value of independence and have responsibility. On coming 2nd October we should visit the Mahathma memorial along with the children and tell them whatever we know about the freedom struggle.

Rajaji had written in his jail diary in the year 1921 – twenty six years before independence that “Freedom will come; but immediately thereafter or even for a long time it may not bring the people happiness or a good government. As soon as freedom comes, there will be a scramble for elected places; in its wake will come corruption, injustice and the wickedness caused by money and an inefficient administration. The life of the people will be like hell. Many will feel that the older regime, which was comparatively more just, efficient and honest, was better. What we get from our independence will be only freedom from indignity and slavery. Our future lies in making our youngsters good citizens by giving them from early days an education, which is likely to create good conduct, righteousness and mutual love. If that is not done, it is certain that they will be crushed under the wickedness of injustice and wealth.”

Today, we have certainly a good government with good governance and it is high time our youngsters are educated about our true history, the freedom struggle & the purpose and about the responsible citizenry.

Let us start now….

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